Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast

Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast

Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.

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    Find out about the country’s new summertime cycling festival, Sea Otter Canada

    In July, you’ll want to head to Blue Mountains, Ont. One of the founders of Sea Otter Canada breaks down all the great activities at the new event coming to that area. Also, don’t pack away that trainer. You should keep it accessible, even as the weather gets better. We play a new game: What Does That Sponsor of the Italian Pro Conti Team in the Giro d’Italia Do?

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    Behind the mayhem of the Partymaster Tour

    A look into the rock ’n’ rock freestyle series by Montreal’s The Rise, plus the art of moving from the trainer to the road in spring

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    Svein Tuft and Rob Britton's bikepacking tips, and surviving the KOM Challenge and the holidays

    Rob Britton talks about the bikepacking trip that prepared him for the road world championships and the rider who gave him some pointers for the big ride: Svein Tuft. Tuft also talks about the benefits of long and fun rides for training. Coach Peter Glassford has tips for balancing fitness and holiday fun. A Canadian Cycling Magazine contributor takes on the Taiwan KOM Challenge on only three weeks of training.

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    Red Hook series champ Raphaële Lemieux and Vancouver’s Spikes on Bikes

    Montreal’s Raphaële Lemieux, who won the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn and the series overall, looks back on her racing season. Writer Tom Babin speaks about Spikes on Bikes, a harm-reduction program in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that’s working to help those suffering amidst the opioid crisis.

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